BLAIRRRR!!!!! :3

Blair is a cat monster/Bakeneko who lives in the forest of no return.


Blair has a Bakeneko Soul.


She is kind although isn't afraid to beat you to death if pissed off. Many people are afraid of her due to being a witch and they won't usually kill her if she enters a town but if they do, she tries to explain she isn't evil but they will not Listen. But for ones who wont listen she is disguised or in cat form raejack village isnt safe for her or really any village she also tends to be a flirt at times and even somtimes uses her appearance to sway people to do what she wants.



They seem to be good friends however, when they first met he thought her wanting to be friends with him was a trick but he believed it after she helped him defeat the monster inside the forest temple.


Being her assistant, they seem to get along and tolerate each other however p.umpkin keeps saying he wants a raise to which blair always responds "I dont even pay you".

Maldork err I mean MaldorokEdit

Being the antagonist and blair a protagonist and being friends with shizuki she shares his deep hatred for the dark lord.

The Towns PeopleEdit

They generally hate and fear her however she keeps trying to explain she is not evil or bad but they simply do not listen no matter how hard she tries.

In The LittleBigLifeEdit

She is a Friend of the main character Ultimate Ninja Master in the Littlebiglife she lives in a forest in a pumpkin house she is friends with most of the main cast.