File:Favicon.ico Blaze is a 13 year old boy with abnormal powers otherwise known as PSI he joined shibusen after his family was slaughered by keshin and joined shibusen to seek revenge on the keshin's and displays extreme hatred when confronting 1. he is Claus and Kino's Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather.

Class X means yes Blank means noEdit

Keshin ( )

Human (X)

Meister ( )

Witch ( )

Warlock ( )

Super Human/human with abnormal abilites (X)


Blaze has a Orange human soul that is shaped like a flame hence how he got his name.

PSI abilitiesEdit

PK Thunder-lets him either shoot lightining from his hands or call some down from the sky.

PK Fire-lets him shoot fire from his hands.

PK Flash-blinds his enemys with a flash or makes a light.

PK Starstorm-lets him call down stars from space to obliterate his foes.

PK Love-his ultimate attack effects unknown but are very powerful and not even a blood hardened crona can survive it.

PK Mind Read-lets him read people's minds.


Shizuki-he is friends with the meister they usually do stupid things toghether

Specter-he treats specter like a little brother....and specter finds it annoying.

Yumi-Blaze Secretly has a crush on yumi hence why he acts nervous around her yumi is slightly aware of it but tends to ignore it and is mostly oblivious to it.

Blair-Blaze mostly avoids blair due to her flirty nature and whenever she is around he usually gets a nosebleed he mostly just finds her as a annoyance at best.

Soul-he thinks soul is kind of a psycho due to him enjoying eating souls witch or keshin.

Maka-there hasnt been much interaction between them surprisingly

Death the Kid-he tends to get along with him but thinks his fear of Asmyetrical things to be not very Rational.


Light Sword

its the yellow light blade in this guys right hand (THE GUY IS NOT BLAZE PEOPLE SO DON't SAY IT IS!)

Lighting Blade-its Blaze's main weapon do to him not having a a partner with weapon blood or not having weapon blood himself the sword can cit through anything even crona with her blood hardened.

Robot Bird

the robot bird

Robot Bird-it can be used to scout a area send messages and has the ability to shoot bullets from its mouth.


his them is Saika due to the sorrow he feels about the death of his Family and ocasionally Senya due to the darkness he feels when he reflects on it usually plays in his flashbacks also his battle theme is ikari which translates to anger which is the feeling he carries into battle



Ikari (anger)