Book of Mudora

The Book of Mudora


This book was made by the acient hylian historian/hero/Philosopher Mudora the book tells you how to translate the ancient long lost texts of every language and also tells how to forge goddess weapons and can be used to seal demons and really anything inside the book.


if you are sealed inside the book to escape you must get through its chapters of imprisonment.

Chapter 1 angerEdit

this chapter really beings out the anger of those within it even making the most calm and collected people scream loudly in anger.

Chapter 2 SecretsEdit

to make it through this chapter you must confess your deepest secrets.

Chapter 3 FearEdit

you must confront your greatest fears to complete this chapter.

Chapter 4 DarknessEdit

the final chapter is the shadow temple which is a dark and evil place filled with torture devices and the bones of demons and criminals who made it this far but failed here to escape you must make it to the end and defeat the creature mudora has created to keep the demons in check and also executes them.


  • incase you havent already guessed.....yah its based of off the book of eibon from SoulEater
  • a little known trick is in chapter 2 secrets the talking doors that ask for your secrets before they open can easily be bypasses through 2 ways 1:lie to them when they say they can see into your soul and they can know when your lieing is a lie to make sure you dont lie. 2:a password mudora hid somewhere long ago that the doors open the second they hear it.