Crona also known as the demon sword, she currently lives in death city with her mother Lady Medusa.


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Demon Sword Crona

crona's gender is currently UNKOWN at the moment


crona's soul is very shaky because of crona always being paranoid her/his soul is a little unstable.


crona never really talks to anyone...he/she is always trying to be alone. Crona has always had a hard life n all the bad she/he has done...but trys 2 make up for all bad by helping at the DWMA.



is a friend n battle partner 2 crona...shizuki n spector started having issues when they resonated w cona they got some of cronas black blood...crona is hoping shizuki and spector will forgive her/him.


link is a close friend of maka n blairs...crona meet link when maka need 2 do something n left link in charge of crona 4 a little has helped crona threw mutiple problems including controling the black blood


is a bakeneko.......she has known crona for a long time and is always willing 2 help crona out...

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