Snake Guardian

Part 1 The OrbEdit

Link:okay the forest of no return *realizes map is gone*.........DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*echoes through forest*

  • blair hears it and runs to the sound who is in the forest of no return due to orders from Lord Death*


Link:oh its you i didnt expect to see you here.

Blair:im here for a month i have ot wait a month for LD to send me back.

Link:oh that must suck

Blair:why are you here?

Link:oh well i am gonna be king of hyrule in i am gonna marry zelda soon but i dont think i could take the responsibility so i came here looking for adventure ....before my life becomes a pile of crap i left a note in my room at the castle.

Blair:please you would make a great king i mean you have saved hyrule so many times.

Link:yeah but blair being king is nothing like that.

Blair:oh well why are you Here here

Link:oh for the orb in the forest temple just cause i want to.

Blair:oh yeah alot of people have tried but none have succeeded there are traps all over the temple and i keep getting trapped in nets.

Link:well im about to change that.

Blair:okay whatever you say.

Link:blair please show me to the temple.

Blair:alright but beware they say inside the castle lies they say a monster that guards the treasure.

Link:please blair ive been through tough dragons shadow phatoms giant parasites.......a giant spider yeah ALOT of shit.

Blair:well okay then lets go

blair leads link to the temple*
Forest Temple

(The Temple)

Link:this is it huh looks pretty old


Yah, I know it's short but it isn't for the guy typing; more will be added soon.


  • The characters Link was referencing when blair mentioned the snake guardian were, Volvagia, Bongo Bongo, Queen Gohma and Armagohma.