The Garo Clan is a Clan of people who own at least one zelda game and have a Garo as their profile pic in any website.(not all garo ranks should be identified by rank because Editing your picture is peritted so you have to list your rank SOMEHOW)


Garo Master (there can only be one at a Time) they are the Leader of the Clan and have authority over lower ranks (which is every rank)

This is what the Garo Master Looks like.

Garo AcloyateEdit

they are just below the Master in power and authority they are those that are Experienced.

Garo Acloyate

This is a Garo Acloyate (i know pic sucks i only have paint so dont rub it in.)

Garo DeathBringer

they are just below acloyates they are the best of the best.

Garo Assassin

This is a Garo DeathBringer.

Garo AdeptEdit

they are a bit more experienced then regular garo.

Garo Adept

this is a Garo Adept

Regular GaroEdit

they are new but not that new their skills are moderate at best.

Garo n00bEdit

they are the newest members and are EXTREMELY inexperienced

Garo n00b

this is a Garo Noob

List of members

Ultimate ninja Master (Garo Master)Ultimate ninja master 16:37, December 12, 2011 (UTC)

NVspartan118 (n00b)