(All rights go the the respective owners; this site and series is for entertainment purposes only and not for personal profit.)The theme of the wiki will be changed to what series is being work on right now.(Or the most prominent)Edit

The LittleBigLifeEdit

A NEW MACHIMA AND THE 1ST TO BE CHOSEN TO WORK ON COMING SOON!? here is the wiki made for it all articles regarding The LitteBigLife should be moved here.

Welcome to the Legend of a Hero WikiEdit

This was the Adventures Of Link Wiki but is now The Legend Of A Hero Wiki, a new machinima to replace the Zelda 1 that was scrapped; the old articles will still be left on here for your convenience.

World of Halo WikiEdit

This is also the wiki for Ultimate Ninja Master's future project, "The World of Halo".......(possibly)

Welcome to the Legend of Zelda: Adventures of Link WikiEdit

This is a wikipedia for an upcoming machinima series, similar to the original zelda animated series; it is made with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and will be coming out soon. (CANCELED!!!!!!) (although may possibly bee revied)

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

sonic had shows so why shadow hasnt gotten 1? here it is coming soon (possibly)

Life in the WastesEdit

a Fallout Machinima coming soon (possibly)

Snake TalesEdit

a Metal Gear Solid Machinima coming soon (possibly)


Fan-Fiction is allowed just PLEASE ask permission from me Ultimate Ninja Master (the founder) for permission if no permission is granted or you dont ask it will be deleted *the fan-fiction has to be related to the machinima 1 way or another* (it can be any 1 of the 3 more may be added soon)

Any Questions?Edit

somthing you dont understand? ask Otacon! he'll tell you the anwser.

You make the choice. which machinima should i work on?Edit

chose wisely people

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