Mayor Ultra Force

Mayor Ultra Force

Ultra Force is the Mayor of Ultra Force.


Ultra Force Please Edit here


  • He is Bi-curious Heterosexual, which is basically 90% straight and 10% gay.
  • His ancestry is Vietnamese with a tiny, tiny bit of Chinese.
  • he is a Republican.
  • His favorite NFL team is the Oakland Raiders.
  • Christianity is his religion. However, He is considering the possibility of converting to Atheism.(no he doesn't Believe in that golden godess Crap and the Triforce.)
  • He is a lefty.his ego and pride is massive. Nothing can shatter it.
  • he don't tolerate smartasses. Be civil and friendly in his Town, or you'll get hammered.


  • MLP haters (Watch the show before trash talking)
  • Vaulters and their Wiki
  • People who think CoD is better than Halo
  • People with a habit of saying "like"
  • People with a habit of saying "gay", "fag", and "doushe"
  • Terrorists
  • America haters (lol u jelly?)
  • School
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers. It is the worst franchise in the National Football League. The Steelers also have the worst fans.
  • People who question his logic. Your first thought and opinion doesn't matter due to mine being thought out and considered more
  • Wikia Chat lag