Shadow energy is very similar to madness it corrupts a person's soul and twists them acording to dark link the infection spreads slowly if it is not dealt with the 1st stage is the person gets orange eyes the 2nd stage the person's skin gets pale the 3rd stage you can noticably see black spots on the infected person and the final stage of the infection they become a shadow with red eyes just like Dark Link.

a Shadow SoulEdit

a Shadow soul is a Very Dark almost black purple but otherwise looks like a human soul.

Shadow abilities*Edit

  • Shadow Manipulation-those who have been infected have the power manipulate the very shadows below people's feet any shadow that is cast can be controlled this power is strongest at night by controlling a person's shadow the 1 infected with the shadow can make the 1 whose shadow he/she is manipulating do anything they want as if the person is a puppet.
  • Shadow Resonation-when a infected person resonates it has a chance to infect any 1 else within a 10 foot radius.
  • Shadow Transformation-if the infected 1 has reached the final un-reversable stage they can turn themselves into shadows to slip into places others can't reach.
  • Molding-due to becoming a full living shadow by the final stage the infected person can mold any bodypart to be whatever they want and can even turn into other people perfectly mimicing them and impersonating them.